Patriarchic waters

Gepubliceerd op 22 augustus 2021 om 13:27

'It is dangerous not to know what waters you are swimming in as a fish.'

So I realised I was walking around with a low sense of self worth yesterday and as it dawned on me what the common denominator was in all the negative thoughts that came up: Partriarchic values, I was able to shake them quickly as I have traveled down this path before.

The patriarchic values I recognised are:

Goal-orientedness was making me feel bad about myself as I need a lot of rest recovering from corona and processing other things.

Competition with others was making me feel bad by comparing myself to others with patriarchic (goal-oriented) values in mind as I am a high sensitive person and this world is not set up for people like me. My qualities are generally not recognized as strengths, rather they are called weaknesses.

As I remember that those are not the values I chose to live by, I came back in to balance quickly.

Feeling grateful.

Are you having patriarchic values that snuck their way back in to you at the moment? What are yours?


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