Yuletide celebrations: The return of the light and the thirteen holy nights

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Good morning and Hurah!


 This morning the light has officially returned, our beloved sun is on it's way up again, after having stayed at it s lowest point for three days after the 21 st.
We have survived the darkest part of winter, so celebrations are in order!
Tonight is Christmas eve, otherwise known as: Holy Night. What you maybe didn't know, but what was celebrated in the old days and still by some, is that there are actually 13 holy nights in total. These 13 nights starting at Christmas eve as the first holy night, last untill the 6th if Januari, the day the three wise men came from the east. This period right after the sun has started moving up from it's lowest point is considered a space outside of time. Each of the holy nights is like a hologram or blueprint for a period in the coming year corresponding with the zodiac signs. it works like this:


'1st holy night: Capricorn from 24 to 25 dec. Corresponding with the period of the coming year 2017/18: December 21 / January 20.
2nd holy night: Aquarius from 25 to 26 dec. Period of the year 2018: January 21 / February 20.
3rd Holy Night: Fishing from 26 to 27 Dec. Period of the year 2018: 20 February / 21 March.
4th holy night: Aries from 27 to 28 Dec. Period of the year 2018: 21 March / 20 April.
5th Holy Night: Taurus from 28 to 29 Dec. Period of the year 2018: April 21 / May 20.
6th Holy Night: Gemini from 29 to 30 Dec. Period of the year 2018: 21 May / 20 June.
7th holy night: Cancer from 30 to 31 Dec. Period of the year 2018: June 21 / July 20.
8th holy night: Lion from 31 Dec on 1 Jan. Period of the year 2018: July 21 / August 20.
9th holy night: Virgo from 1 to 2 Jan. Period of the year 2018: August 21 / September 20.
10th holy night: Libra from 2 to 3 Jan. Period of the year 2018: 21 September / 20 October.
11th holy night: Scorpion from 3 to 4 Jan. Period of the year 2018: 21 October / 20 November.
12th holy night: Sagittarius from 4 to 5 Jan. Period of the year 2018: November 21 / December 20.
13th holy night: The night of the Snake Bearer (also called snake) from 5 to 6 January. The Night of the Three Kings. Everything now comes together, everything is connected to everything, it is the crown on all the work of the past 12 nights.' (Translated from www.hetiseral.nl)

This had a special effect which is that the dreams and or visions you have during each of the holy nights, also has a correspondence with that particular part of the coming year.
For example if I have a dream on the first holy night this will have meaning for the period of December 21 till Januari 20.

I m excited to write down my dreams of the coming holy nights to see what might be in store for me and if it makes sense to use it as a guideline or at least, in the coming year see if the dream I had for that period is indeed corresponding.
Are you with me?

Enjoy your Christmas eve and celebrate the light that has also come to us as Christ.

Lots of Love

(image from: https://osr.org/nl/blog/astronomie-nl/dierenriem/)

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