Hopefulness about peoples behaviour during US elections

Gepubliceerd op 7 november 2020 om 15:27


Hey sisters!
Does anyone else feel hopeful because of people's behaviour during the elections in the US? As unlikely as it may sound I do and I wanted to share that. I feel that a large portion of people that have voted have responded to the basal emotional, instinctive energy and messages being put out that appeal to deep hidden archetypes. After having been a bit baffled about it this realisation made me feel relieved and have compassion for those people as it seems that they are actually in need of connection to and messages from this instinctual, emotional, archetypical realm. THEY ARE IN NEED OF THE FEMININE!!!
It seems to me people are screaming for someone who comes from the feminine realm but is not confused and manipulative. Someone who has knowledge of the feminine realm and embodies feminine qualities but who has good intentions and can give good and healthy guidance and direction.
This world in it's last bits of patriarchal rule is too stale and sterile for anyone to really feel fulfilled, people'll take whatever to distract themselves from the inertia caused by denying the feminine it's place, they want to get in touch with the feminine so desperately, even in destructive ways. Let us offer them healing ways in which to connect to the feminine. The way it was meant to be.


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