Communicating with animals, inspiration and how to.

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Hello dear ones!

These are the youtube treasures I found this week and that I want to share with you because they are so valuable.
Anna Breitenbach has inspired me since some time, with her sincerety to form a bridge between the human world and the animal world and help us humans understand animals better and so Gaya becomes a better place for everyone.
I feel too that the answer towards healing the planet is turning towards the innocent creatures, and learning from them and taking care of them.
I even know that humans are meant to be guardians of the earth and all her creatures and would have a natural alfa function if the heart was properly open and the consciousness clear. As you see in the documentar with Anna animals are not just tolerating her but are drawn to her when she is in a state of being that is calm and innocent.
above you can watch the documentary.

Wonderfull wasn't it?
When I watched it, I wanted to know more about it, fine tune the telepathic talents I already have to see if I could deliver to and receive messages from annimals and I found this one below:


Very happy with these wonderful free recources! Hope you enjoyed that too!

Love Wombloom



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