All things have their place in the cycle of life

Gepubliceerd op 5 november 2019 om 23:16

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I am menstruating and  decided to go along on a journey with my bloodflow down into the earth.

It was lovely to be there, I felt so accepted and also accepting of everything, my tiredness, the pain in my leg, the itchy feeling  in my lungs, but also the flow of creative plans for new earring designs and the excitement and new possibilities it brought me.

I felt my ancestors presence there in that dark, fertile world and  felt thankful for all the gifts I received from them along with the pain that was passed on to me through unresolved emotional burden some of them carried.

And I felt forgiving because I realised I am greater than both the gifts and the burdens and I am able to use both for fruitful and fertile purposes, because I am life and that's what life does. Thank you for this wisdom that you showed me Mother earth of your composting skills that lie in me also. I do not have to be afraid I can handle it.

Love Iduna

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