These amazing exercises have been designed by Phyllis Krystal, a psychotherapist, to help people help themselves.
Phyllis Krystal uses archetypical symbols that speak to the subconscious part of our being and allow old  patterns that no longer serve us to be transformed. I find them very effective.  Phyllis Krystal has passed away at a very old age.
A Phyllis Krystal foundation has been made where you can get books and symbol cards of her method. However in the shop of the website no audio recordings of the exercises are available, which is why I decided to speak the exercises out loud and record them so they are easy to follow and make them available for you here. The link to the Phyllis Krystall foundation website for more background information can be found here:

There is a nice you-tube on there with her telling her story of how the method came to be, that is worth watching.

I have spoken the exercises in exactly the same way she has written them to safeguard their originality and in respect for her work.

Please follow the guidance of your own Higher Consciousness when doing the exercises and know that you yourself are responsible for the outcome.

If you have psychological issues please look for professional help before doing any of these exercises.


These exercises are offered for free but if you feel called to you can make a small donation for my effort to make this content available to you at the bottom of this page. Your contribution would be for my effort of studying and recording and keeping this website going, not for the content, as the exercises are not mine, but Phyllis Krystal's. 


This is a guided meditation called 'The tree' It helps you to connect heaven and earth, the mother and father principle within your self and receive support from these sources: